sculptevv is working on getting the exhibition refunded and possibly going to a biennial format. sculptevv regrets that it will not be able to accept submissions for the 2014 show.

Please enjoy the 2013-14 show and catalogue and thank you for your interest in sculptevv!

2013 sculptevv Award Winners!

Presenting The 2013 sculptevv Show

Click on the image to see it, but the best way to see them is in person! Come check them all out!

Truths Lies (detail)
Jamie Pawlus

Keep it Together (detail)
Benjamin Pierce

Elements (detail)
Scott Westphal

Tractor Fin (detail)
Kurt Dryhaug

NAFTA's Gift (detail)
Shawn Skabelund

Chiaroscuro, #2 (detail)
Virginia Kistler

Floor Models (detail)
Max Stolkin

What's on TV (detail)
Melissa Johnson

1 Maple (detail)
Saul Melman

The Long Toss Installations (detail)
John Anderson-Bricker

2012 sculptevv Award Winners!

Click on an image below to see its slideshow:

$20,000 Purchase Award Winner
Best of All Possible Worlds (detail)
Saul Melman

$10,000 Best-in-Show
Comings and Goings (detail)
Amelia Toelke

$5,000 Second Place
Attic Frame (detail)
Scott Ross

$1,000 Third Place
Scheme (detail)
Tom Scicluna

$500 Peoples Choice
Emperor's New Clothes (detail)
Jonathan Hils

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